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Keyturion PRO


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Basic license information

KeyTurion and KeyTurion PRO licenses are suitable for both personal and business use. After pressing the “Buy now” button, you will be redirected to our Payment Processor(PayPro Global) page. Your license together with an invoice will be delivered to the specified e-mail address.

KeyTurion license key will allow you to use all features of application for 12 months and receive all future upgrades during this period for free. Increasing the quantity of licenses on the Purchase and Checkout Page will increase the amount of possible licensed computers. For example, 3 units license will generate a single license key valid for 3 Computers.

Can I upgrade KeyTurion to KeyTurion PRO?

Yes, you can. If you want to upgrade, you have to contact us using our Contact Page.

What does the parameter: “” on the shopping page mean?

The parameter in “Retention” that you see in the store for Keyturion PRO is the parameter that determines how long your logged in data is kept on the server.

For example, if you buy a standard 1 year license, with a retention period of 3 months, it means that your license and account is valid for a whole year, but the data is stored for a maximum of 3 months and data older than the retention period is automatically deleted.
Considering the above example, after 4 months of use you will have access to data from the last 3 months (the first oldest month will be automatically deleted)