Computer monitoring software

Keyturion is a professional computer monitoring software

The program tracks actions performed on a given computer, including the text typed in or the visited websites. Monitoring is performed in the background in a non-intrusive manner, hence the comfort of using the device remains unchanged. KeyTurion has been created as a result of perennial experience in the field of computer monitoring.


Why Keyturion?

The easiness of use and vast configuration options make the application perfect for monitoring actions performed on a computer either at home or in a company.

Remarkable possibilities of monitoring the user’s activeness, activating alerts, and the possibility of changing settings, including filtering, enable efficient detection of internal threats within a given organization without interfering with the operation of a particular computer or decreasing its performance.

The PRO version of the application has been created for companies and organizations, which constitute places where a discrete monitoring of many computers is often necessary..


Perfect, user-friendly, and comprehensive data presentation.

Possibility of searching for desired data quickly and easily.

Vast hiding options: possibility of hiding the application in the list of processes, task manager, and other places.
Sending the saved data to a specified e-mail address (or to a server in the case of the PRO version).
Data browsing and data export options available directly in the program.
Password protected access.
Filtering function and extended keys, as well as backspace, alt, and ctrl.
Original formatting of the written text maintained.

Keyturion PRO

In short, Keyturion PRO is Keyturion with your own space (account on the server) that also grants you access to the additional Administrator application.
It allows for remote configuration of the monitored computers.

Who is Keyturion PRO for?

A perfect solution for users who want to obtain constant and undisrupted access to the gathered data as well as be able to change settings remotely and take advantage of the comprehensive form of presenting data collected from many computers at once.

The program will be perfect especially if you want to monitor more than one computer.


All data are gathered on the server, so they do not take up space on the monitored computer. It allows for storing large amounts of data, such as screenshots
Possibility of remote configuration of the Keyturion application.
Ability to manage and analyze data from many computers.
Privacy – all pieces of information are encrypted with your private key. No unauthorized entity will be able to access data stored on your computers.

Scope of monitoring


Intelligent key monitoring will give you a comprehensive insight into the actions performed on the computer.
Keyturion incorporates an advanced keylogger and an engine created based on perennial experiences. It does not interfere with other applications and has a negligible impact on the computer’s performance.
The software can include (on request) the filtering function and extended keys (such as F1,..,F12, PAGE UP, etc.). It also allows formatting of the written text. The program displays the date of its launch, as well as the text that was written.


Monitor the desktop thanks to regular screenshots. Adjust their quality and frequency of taking them. Screenshots may also be based on Alerts,  which means that they can be taken in accordance with the rules set by the user.
Intelligent Screenshot System (ISS) allows for an effective management of the saved screenshots.


Clipboard monitoring

Keyturion computer monitoring application tracks operations that are strictly connected with the system clipboard, including Copy/Paste and Cut functions.
Thanks to tracking and registering the exact content of the clipboard with the initial formatting maintained (the application recognizes text-based data arrangement), you can monitor user activeness in a more in-depth manner.
Therefore, you will be able to check what text has been copied and within the scope of which application. Similarly to screenshots, the clipboard function may also serve as a potential alert source.

Visited websites

The Keyturion application incorporates the function of tracking the URLs of visited websites, regardless if they have been typed in through the keyboard or selected from a shortcut or the browsing history tab.
It is one of a few programs in the world that can efficiently track websites that are visited by means of using the „Private Mode”found nowadays in all modern browsers.


Possibility of logging all the applications launched on a given computer and tracking the duration of their use.
The Stats function provides a comprehensive insight into the time spent using a particular piece of software.


The folder monitoring function allows for analyzing individual folders in terms of the introduced changes.
What is more, it enables automatic checking of the content of USB data carriers connected to the computer by identifying them and taking note of their presence. It is also possible to configure the application in such a way that it is possible to automatically check what files are copied to the external memory.

Printed Document Tracking

Keyturion collects all print requests that are made by users. Keyturion helps you to retrieve when and what was printed. Recording helpful information for security and audut compliance process. Keyturion helps you to detect and prevent these violations.
Logging documents printed by date/time, printer used(hardware), file name, user, how number of copies and pages.

Insider threats detection and monitoring

The Alerts function allows for making the program aware of suspicious activities performed on the computer, which makes is possible to act fast in case a threat is identified.

  • Freedom of configuration and the possibility of combining various rules with one another will prevent any key activities from being omitted by the supervisor.

  • The level of safety within the company can be increased and, as a result, the time spent on supervising user’s work can be notably shortened.

  • Alerts operate in real time and activate predefined notifications, such as sending an e-mail informing about a given event or taking a screenshot immediately after identifying an unwanted action.

Example no. 1

You suspect that your employee searches for improper and prohibited content (e.g. erotic materials, for he or she has typed in the word „sex”).

The program can be configured in such a way to take a screenshot and immediately send you an e-mail notification.

Example no. 2

The program can track if data such as, for example, a bank account number are copied to the clipboard:
Just as in the case of Example no. 1, it is possible to set the program to react to such an event in a proper way.
Regardless of the settings, all alerts are stored for further review and include the date of the event. If you do not want to constantly receive such notifications, you may always browse through them for they are saved in the form of a comprehensive report.