Screen Capture-Screenshots

Being able to see what it is your user is doing exactly is an important part of any effective computer monitoring software. Keyturion’s Intelligent Screenshot System gives you more control than any other computer monitoring software. We’ve created the screenshot system with the needs of computer administrators in mind.

Screenshot monitoring in Keyturion is a resource friendly and covert method of capturing exactly what your user is doing, regardless of the application that they are using

Adjust Frequency of Screen Capture

With Keyturion, we’ve given you control over how often the monitored computer will take screenshots of the work. If you want to get insight as to your user’s action every minute, or every hour you’ll be able to set a frequency that matches up with your needs. Sometimes when monitoring a user, regular screenshots aren’t as necessary, and you may end up having too many screenshots to look through. So rather than choose the frequency of the screenshots for you, Keyturion gives you the authority over how frequently they will be taken.

If you suspect a user is visiting unauthorized websites or using unauthorized applications for short periods of time, then it would make more sense to increase the frequency of the screenshots.

Once these screenshots are taken, they can be sent directly to you, so you’ll have immediate confirmation of the actions taken by your user.

Custom Alerts

Our powerful screen capture monitoring technology gives you even more options, so that you can quickly identify any prohibited actions. Keyturion allows you to set custom parameters that will cause the computer to take a screenshot and send you an alert immediately.

These alerts are predefined by you, so that you can set the required event that will trigger a screenshot. You can set these alerts based on the words typed by your user, so that if they type a certain word or phrase, the alert system will be triggered, and a screenshot will be taken. You can also set alerts to be triggered from specific programs that are launched, websites that are visited or predefined data that is copied to a clipboard.

This puts the power back in your hands and means that you don’t have to monitor your user all the time. Rather, if the user isn’t following the rules you’ve set, then you will be alerted. If privacy is an issue, this maintains some privacy, as you’ll only be alerted of their actions once they’ve broken your rules.

Intelligent Screenshot System

If you’re taking frequent screenshots, then you’ll need way to manage them effectively. Thankfully, we’ve designed our Intelligent Screenshot System with this exact need in mind. You’ll be able to sort and manage your screenshots based on a variety of criteria, so that you can quickly view the information that is most relevant to you.