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Keylogger software for Windows computer.

(2023 update, information below)

We no longer support a free version because most of our customers choose the PRO edition (data in the cloud with remote access and configuration), the free version was only local and very limited and mainly fulfilled the role of a demo, and at the moment we have launched a demo PRO version instead – so you can see both solutions and test the features for free and then decide if you want to pay for our product. Click  here to find out more about Keyturion PRO and how its features can benefit you.

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What can Keyturion Free Keylogger be used for?

Keyturion Free Keylogger is a perfect solution to safely monitor your children at home or your employees at work. With their permission, you can ensure that the programs and the data that they enter or search are as expected and that they are not viewing unprofessional or inappropriate content.


Furthermore, not only is it just a monitoring software, it also serves as a fantastic tool to archive ongoing work. This is because it stores keystrokes clipboard content among other important information. Searching through this content can prove very helpful for everyday work that involves text or code.

Ensure that your data will not be lost

Are you worried that due to a technical error, your data and information could be lost? This could have a devastating impact on everyday work if this happened.

Avoid potential disasters by using Keyturion Free Keylogger for Windows which can recover data that was written or copied to the clipboard in the days leading up to the issue. The built-in search and data group functions will give you the peace of mind you need while you work.

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