Visited Websites Monitoring

Browsing History

Monitoring web usage is critical in modern computer monitoring software. With Keyturion, you’ll be able to monitor any website that your user visits, regardless of how they got there. This bypasses proxies, private mode and shortcuts. This puts Keyturion squarely ahead as one of the most innovative computer monitoring software of its time, as it comprehensively keeps in minds how modern-day UI leads people to the internet, and how people interact with their web browsers today.

Visited Website Tracking in Private Mode

Most browsers today allow users to browse in “Private Mode” which essentially hides the users website visits from their browsing history, as well as their search history and tracking cookies. This can throw a wrench in most computer monitoring programs, as they haven’t been built with this modern-day browser functionality in mind.

Keyturion as a spy program for computer eliminates this concern and gives you the power to efficiently track any website visited in “Private Mode”. This is important, as users browsing in this mode are more than likely trying to cover their tracks and hide their website usage. Without the ability to track “Private Mode” visited URLs, computer monitoring software is practically obsolete.

URL Tracking

A user might also think they are safe from tracking if they use shortcuts, or click through their browsing history, as they would be surpassing keyloggers. Keyturion was built with these bypasses in mind, and so the software tracks URLs of visited websites, regardless of how they were visited.

This sets Keyturion apart from other monitoring software in that it ensures there are no work arounds to visiting prohibited or unauthorized websites. Every website visited by the user is tracked, even if they got there from autocompleted letters.

Website Triggered Alerts

If there are certain websites that you don’t want your user visiting, or if you want to be alerted of them visiting very specific URLs, then you’ll be able to set website triggered alerts. You can have the alerts sent to your email as soon as they are triggered. You can also setup the alert system to take screenshots of the user’s screen. This is especially useful to parents who have warned their children not to visit certain websites and want confirmation that their children are not visiting inappropriate sites.