Clipboard Monitoring

Tracking Copy Paste Content

An essential computer monitoring feature for Windows is the cability to view what has been copied by the user. This means that any time a user copies, pastes, or cuts anything, you’ll be able to see that data. This is because Keyturion tracks any operations that are connected to the system’s clipboard. If you are in a sensitive field where the copying of data is strictly forbidden, or if your user is handling the sensitive information of others, then this clipboard monitoring tool will be a vital asset in your monitoring arsenal.

Solid Clipboard Monitoring Software for Windows.

Data that has been formatted can often cause confusion, or not give us the full scope or story of what a user is doing. This is why Keyturion ensures that the original formatting of the clipboard item is available for you to view. This will clue you in on exactly what a user is doing, as the format that certain text or data is in will give us a more in depth understanding of what the user is doing, and what they intended to do with that data.

Clipboard Alerts

You can configure your alert system to be triggered by clipboard usage tool. For example, if you’re working in a field where users are assigned private keys, then you may not want your employees copying those keys unto the clipboard. As soon as your user copies an item to their clipboard, you can receive an alert. Those alerts can be customized even more so that only certain clipboard data will trigger the event. This means that you can stop bad actors as soon as they are preforming an action that you’ve prohibited. Similarly, if you suspect an employee of copying prohibited information, then you will be alerted of their actions immediately.

Sort through Clipboard

You may be in a situation where the copying of content is commonplace and a regular action, however, you still want to monitor and keep track of it. With other monitoring software, this means that you’ll end up with a long list of clipboard data. This can be frustrating if you’re monitoring more than one user.

Keyturion has implemented a robust system so that you’re not constantly alerted by clipboard use. You’ll be able to sort through the collected data in the form of a comprehensive report. You’ll be able to see the exact date and time of the event, the alert that triggered and what was copied. When it comes to monitoring large amounts of data, the ability to sort and manage tha data is a necessity.