Keyturion a program that monitors user’s activities on a computer with Windows operating system in a both discrete and explicit manner.

Keyturion PRO is Keyturion software incorporating a dedicated cloud data storage service.
It supports all functions of the Keyturion program and additionally provides a possibility for sending data to the server. Furthermore, it allows access to the administrative console (a separate data management application).
After purchasing a license for using Keyturion PRO, you will be provided with your own account and space located on a remote server to which your data will be sent. It means that you will be able to access the data wherever you are and without the need to have physical access to the monitored device.
This solution is highly recommended for customers who want to monitor more than one computer, especially within companies and organizations.
It should also be pointed out that Keyturion PRO allows remote configuration.

No, we do not recommend using the application for purposes prohibited by the provisions of law.
The application is to be used solely on the user’s own computer or computers.
Pursuant to the provisions of law in some countries, a person that is being monitored (e.g., an employee of your company) has to be informed about this fact and typically ought to provide consent in this regard. If you are not sure whether you can perform such monitoring activities, you should seek legal advice. The application allows for deactivating the keylogger module.

A single license allows you to monitor one computer only.
There is the possibility of transferring a given license and using it on a different computer. To do so, please contact us.
If you want to use the application on many computers at once, please purchase an appropriate number of licenses.
When purchasing multiple licenses, you may be offered a lucrative rebate.

Absolutely not. We create and offer our products in a professional manner and we want our users to know that the application does not send any data to us. Therefore, Keyturion is void of any hidden functions. You will be able to personally define an e-mail address that will be used to send and receive logs (standard version of the application). As for the PRO version, a comprehensive end-to-end encryption ensures that your data are completely safe.

We approach this issue with extreme care and meticulousness:

Your data are never sent to a server in a decrypted form and are always encrypted by using a very efficient algorithm using E2EE (end-to-end encryption).
Furthermore, you are the owner of the encryption key.
After logging into your account by means of the Administrator application, your data are locally encrypted in the memory of your computer only after entering your key/password.

Unfortunately, in such case you will be unable to decrypt data downloaded from the server. We are unable to access your logs, and neither is the administrator of the server.
You are the only person who knows the key. You can define it by yourself and set it in the monitoring application, as well as provide it before accessing data by using the Administrator application.