What makes Keyturion keylogger different?

Keyturion goes above and beyond the expectations of a robust keylogging software for Windows. By utilizing our proprietary intelligent key monitoring technology, you will yield an exhaustive understanding of every keystroke used on your computer.

Keystroke Logger that Maintains Original Formatting

Our unique key logging software for Windows ensures that the original formatting of the written text is maintained just as the user has inputted it. This means that you’ll be able to see every key that a user has typed in the format that they entered it into the computer, without any reformatting or changes. This will let you know exactly what the user has typed in, and how that key has appeared on the computer.

Configurable and Flexible Keyboard Monitoring

Keyturion computer monitoring software is highly configurable keylogger and flexible, allowing it to fit into your organization regardless of privacy rules or laws.

If your organization prohibits the monitoring of certain private data, you can configure Keyturion to log only specific information such as application use and ignore others like passwords for example in web browsers. This ensures that you’re adhering to privacy regulations while also monitoring relevant employee activity.

Flexible settings allows you to specify such security exclusion(s) rules by exe/process name or by application Window title

You can filter any extended keys that aren’t relevant to your collected data. For example, the user may have been using the arrow keys and backspace key, and it is interfering with your understanding of the user’s actions. Keyturion allows you to filter through any key that you’d like, including the backspace, alt, ctrl, and the extended keys, giving you more control of the data that is presented to you.


Many keyloggers fail to work seamlessly with other programs on the computer, causing problems with keyboard inputs, slow down of application and a variety of bugs that can crash or interfere with your workflow. While designing our Keylogger, we kept this in mind, and create a keystroke logger that does not conflict with any other software used on your Windows OS.

This powerful technology runs smoothly alongside any and all existing programs and applications that you have installed or running on your computer. This ensures that our keylogger has ability to track and record keystrokes whilst the user is engaged with any program.

This feature is critical, as not only will Keyturion reveal what program a user has opened, but it will also show you exactly what the user is doing within that program, giving you more valuable insight and data so that you can ensure you’re in the know.

Resource Friendly Keylogger engine

Finally, this feature rich keylogging tool has been built with your computer’s resources in mind. Whilst the keylogger is running, the affects it will have on your computer’s performance will be practically unnoticeable. This is important not only because it won’t interfere with your computer’s resources, but it’s also immensely valuable in keeping the keylogging software hidden.

If a user has been using a computer for a while, and you download a keylogger that slows down their processing power, they may be alerted to the fact that a newly installed program is slowing down their computer.

However, if you use Keyturion free keylogger software for your keystrokes, this risk is practically eliminated, as the best keylogger has a negligible impact on the way that your user’s computer performs, making it run in the background totally unnoticed.