File and folder monitoring

File Monitoring | Monitor folder, directory changes tracking

Keyturion also has a comprehensive system to ensure that you know exactly how users are interacting with files and folders on the computer. If you’re an organization with highly sensitive information stored in files, and if you want to ensure that this information doesn’t leave your databases, then you’ll want to take a look at the features we’ve introduced in order to ensure effective monitoring of your files and folders on  Windows. You’ll know exactly what changes were made, when they were made, how they were introduced, and if any of your sensitive information has been copied over to external memory.

Sort by Recent Changes

Our monitoring software allows you to analyze individual folders in order to get a view of what has been changed and when it was changed. This is an essential feature in any organization that values its integrity. This feature will also prevent bad actors from interacting with your computer, as by being able to see when these changes were made, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what exactly happened to those files. The more information you have on how files are changed, the more security you’ll have for your organization.

Monitoring connected USB device on your system

Monitor whenever an external USB storage device or pendrive is connected to a Windows system computer.
Files and changes copied from external USB may be concerning to you or your organization. Whenever an USB storage is connected to a computer, you put your data at risk. This means it’s important to know as much about that USB as possible. What better way to understand more about an externally connected drive than to have a detailed recording of every file that is included on it. Keyturion allows you to do just that. By having more information on the connected device, you’ll be able to quickly determine whether or not it poses a threat. Regardless of whether or not it was intentional by your user, at least you will know how foreign files were introduced into your system.

Track Files Copied to External Memory

Sensitive information needs a robust tracking method. Keyturion monitoring software is the answer to keeping files private and secure. This is because Keyturion can track any files copied to external memory. You will know exactly which files were copied off of your computer, so that you’ll rest assured knowing that no sensitive information has left the Windows based monitored computer.