Printed Document Tracking

One major feature that is missed by many computer monitoring software is the comprehensive tracking and logging of all printed material. It’s one thing to track when a foreign USB is connected to the device, however, that is totally useless if valuable and sensitive information is leaving your device through another method- printing.

Keyturion solves this problem and ensures that a comprehensive log is made anytime a user attempts to print from their monitored computer. Furthermore, each of those print requests are meticulously logged and arranged in a database for you to sort through.

This makes Keyturion a valuable and unique monitoring software for staying in compliance with privacy laws and other audits. If you’re in a field where sensitive information is handled often, then this is going to be an essential tool in your privacy and security toolbox.

All Print Requests Collected

We wanted to make sure that anytime your monitored computer ever sends out a print request, that information is collected and stored. You will be able to retrieve exactly what was printed and when it was printed. These are two vital pieces of information, that will keep you on top of any information that may have left an unwanted physical paper trail. Every user will have a comprehensive list of every print request that they have ever made for you to later sort through if needed.

Comprehensive Printing Tracking and Logging

It’s not enough to just be able to see what was printed(for example document) and when it was printed. We wanted to give you as much information as possible when monitoring your users. Every print request is carefully logged and collected into a comprehensive system that allows you to sort by date, time, printer used, file name, user, number of copies and the pages that were printed. This is virtually every piece of information you would need to know about a printed document.

For example, let’s say that you find out that a private piece of information about one of your clients is spreading across the internet. You’ll be able to identify the exact user who printed that information, how long that information has been out in the world, how many copies they made of that information, and which pages of the client’s document they printed and distributed. That amount of information can save you and your organization a lot of grief if utilized properly.