Software keylogger gratuito

Software keylogger per computer Windows.

Keyturion Free Keylogger is a completely safe-to-use and completely free monitoring software for Windows – for archiving computer work. With advanced additional features such as clipboard tracking, it can facilitate everyday computer work for both amateurs and professionals.

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Who is Keyturion Free keylogger for?

Professionals, such as writers or programmers, can use keyloggers to back up their work in real time.

Keyturion is not only a computer monitoring program – it also works well as an emergency backup tool for your own work.

Preserve important data during daily work.

Useful for everyday computer use.
You can easily find structured information if, for example, you frequently copy important data to the clipboard when working with text or code.

Thanks to the excellent formatting and the search and grouping function, you will never again lose the results of your work – e.g. you can check and find by keyword information relevant to you several days ago.

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